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An image of a woman dressed to look like the Pokemon Umbreon. She has a black dress and witch hat, and is holding a wand.

Welcome to my site!! Grab your drink of choice, take a seat, and see all of what I have to offer.

I'm a born-and-raised Ohioan now living in Phoenix with my girlfriend. By day I'm a paper pusher at some dead-end job, and by literally any other time I'm an artist and creative that enjoys video games and exploring in the Indie Web. This website - fatgrrlz - is all about my craft and my interests!

I make free-to-use graphics for fellow indie webdevs for use on their websites, and I like making art in a similar style to the old gyaru graphics that are all over the web. The old and indie web has a wealth of graphics to decorate your websites, but not many of them are for plus sized folks like me. My site serves to change that :3 See the For You page for more!


An image of a woman dressed in a bunny suit. She winks and blows a kiss.

What's New?: Rearranging the furniture in the site a bit - the Art page has been turned into a For You page (since that is for F2U graphics and resources), and added an OC page (live) and an Art Gallery (not live) page.

Site Plans: Continue developing the OC pages more for Phoebe and Alfredo, and start creating the Art Gallery page.

Currently Playing: Baldur's Gate 3 - such a great game! I beat the game recently and already started a new save... Gale has such loserboy swag he's great ♥

Currently Watching: A certified shrimp classic.