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Hai, webtraveler! I'm Bee, I'm 23 and happily in love with my cuteee gf :3

This is my web blog. I wanted a place to stretch my HTML/CSS muscles and express myself beyond the means of the walled gardens of social media we have today. I have a degree in IT but I don't use it because I realized I was more into databases than cybersecurity and I'm too fatigued from college to go back (plus I want to pay off the debt I already have first...) :( I now spend my time chipping away at a dead end job constantly pushing papers... In my free time I maintain this website, play video games and watch movies and shows with my gf and our mutual Slovak friend.

This is also where I'll be putting my art and graphics in. The old web has a wealth of graphics to decorate your websites, but not many of them are for plus sized folks like me. My site serves to change that :3 See the Art page for more!


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Finished "Up to No Gouda" and added my thoughts to that page. I also tweaked by book-specific page template so that the main book info is stickied on desktop, and not on mobile! It works rather nicely :) currently drumming up ideas for a Style Savvy shrine, and a page for OCs.

Current Mood: I'm okay. Temperatures are starting to drop - barely.

Currently Playing: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Currently Watching: Nothing at the moment.

Random Thoughts: Just bought some new clothes! Torrid has a decent Labor Day sale going on at the moment and I've been needing to get some new clothes recently so I bit the bullet - was soooo tempted to pick up some fun Halloween stuff, but I just stuck with some simple workwear items. Super excited for this really cute skirtall!