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Interests & Shrines

This page is for my interests - stuff I like and their shrines that I'll make eventually.

Working on:

NOTE: These shrines are work in progress and do not reflect their final iterations.

To Do:


  • > The Elder Scrolls
  • > Pokemon Shinies


  • > Previous Art/Interests
  • > Food/Drink Reviews
  • > My Fashion Tastes vs. What I Actually Wear
  • > PC's and Other Devices Of My Past
  • > Meme Wall

Other Stuff I Like:

The Basic Girl Games :tm:

  • > Stardew Valley <

    This game practically revived the farming genre into the phenomenon it is now. And for good reason - ConcernedApe is one of the most dedicated developers out there. The fact that he has committed to the game so long and kept all content updates free is incredibly commendable.
    Though I love some romance, all the love interests in the game are pretty mid once you're past the age of 21 (it's honestly always been the weakest part of most games in this genre for me, and Stardew's no exception). I just like to farm.
    Ohio moment.

  • > Risk of Rain 2 <

    Monsoon only, Final Destination. Honestly it's one of my favorite roguelikes, I just wish that modding tools were more readily available for this game. It could've had infinite replay value, but still, there's a lot there especially with the DLCs coming out. It's an incredibly comfy game that's best regardless if you play solo or with friends, and the music is top notch, too.

  • > Valheim <

    Gay vikings. Still in development, but what's there is a great time with or without friends. It's incredibly cozy, too. Best played with friends for progression reasons but I've played a good couple hundred hours solo.

  • > The Coin Game <

    Honest, I picked this game up before I moved in with my girlfriend and streamed it to her on Discord as a sort of "date game". Definitely a Steam Greenlight type game, gets updated once in a blue moon (to be fair - there's a single guy making the game), but it's good to pick up and play in spurts. I never went to an arcade prior to playing the game, so I don't really have all too much nostalgia for it, but I still have a great time playing it nonetheless. I piss off my girlfriend buying scratch-off cards :)

Other Interests

  • > Art <

    This one's kind of a given lol. I've been drawing since I could hold a pencil, and the divine act of creation has persisted throughout my life. While there's times I feel as though my skill has "decayed", at the end of the day, it's still something I've created. And that's something to be proud of.

  • > Beaded Jewelry <

    This one's a newer hobby. My little sister taught me it a few years ago. I only really do strung necklaces, but it's still very fun nonetheless. I need to get an organizer for my work area though cause most of my stuff is in baggies :(

  • > Weed <

    I actually just eat edibles, no smoking/vaping here. Started taking them recreationally in small doses when I moved to Arizona. Haven't quite found the right ones for me, but the ones I've liked best have been Wyld Strawberry 20:1 CBD:THC gummies. They taste very weed-y, but the high is pleasant. Stay safe when getting high - always cut your gummies in sections to control the dosage, and don't take another one if it hasn't been a couple hours unless you know what you're doing! Also, put your edibles in the fridge when it's hot. Signed, an idiot that got too high more than a few times and ended up just being extremely anxious and miserable because my dumbass looked at some gummies that had together into a giant edible ball and went "this is fine".

  • > PC Builds <

    Okay, this kind of teeters the line, but this is the other thing I make use out of my cybersecurity degree for - putting together and maintaining custom systems.
    My current system has my most prized possession, an EVGA 3080TI Hybrid. My first "big boy" graphics card, upgrading from an EVGA 1070 Hybrid. Fun fact: hybrid cards exist! And I love them! Unfun fact: this was one of the last models of graphics cards EVGA produced :( at least I'll get my moneys worth if I decide to sell it in 2030 when it becomes a collector's item.

YouTube Channels

  • > Cathode Ray Dude <

    Youtube has a lot of tech channels, and while my general favorite is a pretty close three-way tie between Cathode Ray Dude, LGR, and Technology Connections, I think I like this guy best simply because of the specific kinds of tech CRD covers. I also just like his personality a lot, he is a very fun guy and seems to care a lot about the stuff he talks about :)
    Favorite Video: IBM's Eduquest: The Only Good 90s All-In-One - The EduQuest was definitely something that was before my time, but it is still an interesting part of PC history.

  • > Retail Archaeology <

    A Phoenix-based channel whose entire thing is anything to do with malls and big box stores. He covers malls in Arizona and California as well as generally companies such as Sears, Target, or Macy's. His videos are typically pretty chill, though the dead mall series makes me a little sad as it makes me think about the couple of dead malls from my childhood.
    Favorite Video: Tucson Mall: A Rad 80's Mall! - Holy fuck, that's cool! The mall in this video is very 80's. I don't know when I'd want to go to Tucson, but if I do, this place is totally one to check out. Especially that arcade in there.

  • > Hazel <

    Weeb channel. I barely know half the shit Hazel talks about, but I'd listen to her talk about, like, the weather or something. She's a very cozy watch, though sometimes she can get into some sensitive topics that may not be suitable for all viewers.
    Favorite Video: The Forgotten Hero of 90s Anime - Tenshiu Muyo! I've never actually watched this anime, but this video is still incredibly interesting nonetheless.

  • > CottonVelvet <

    I have tinnitus that explodes at times, so I like listening to rain videos. I found CottonVelvet's channel recently and found myself really fond of listening to her no commentary longplays. I'll even just watch them idly at times because they're rather calming and CottonVelvet is a fantastic builder.
    Favorite Video: Rainy Cherry Grove - this build is just plain gorgeous.