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For You - Art, Resources & More!

This page has all the F2U art and resources I've created. You can use these on your own Neocities pages :3

A brown haired girl with a short sparkly pink dress and long magenta boots poses with her arms out and a leg up.


The art below is free to use for your websites, blogs, what have you, under the following conditions:

  • Please credit me - whether it's a link back or just
    "@fatgrrlz on neocities".
  • My resources are not be used for commercial purposes - can't make money on this shit.
  • For art specifically - please do not edit it where possible. Reach out to me if you want a recolor of any of the art and I can make it for you. Edits of the resources are OK, but again, I have the tools to edit them if you need me to :)

I do take requests, however due to dropping Tumblr, I'm still trying to figure out a good way of taking them.

Artwork: Cute Girls | Flowers | Fanart | Misc. Decorations

Resources: ESRB-esque Website Rating Stamps | Landing Page Doors | CSS Packs