Fatgrrlz on Neocities - Sitemap



While much of this website has been handrolled solely by myself, there are some aspects of the site that use assets or code created by others. This section is here to credit them.

Freezeframe.js - this is what I use for the "play/stop GIFs" buttons on the side that allows you to, well, stop/play the GIFs.
More specifically, I use a modified version using Bechnokid's tweaks specifically for page-wide GIF control the use of buttons.

ayano's neocities comment widget - this is what I use for my guestbook. It's very simple to set up. I hope that in the future it allows for alternatives besides Google Forms/Sheets, but considering Neocities doesn't allow the use of PHP we gotta take what we can get. You can download it for your own use here.

Build a Theme Switcher for Your Website with JavaScript - I used this tutorial to put together the theme switcher for my website.